Feliz Navidad everyone! I hope you are all surrounded by those you love and had a wonderful morning opening presents! I’ll keep this short and sweet, as none of you want to be reading a blog on Christmas now do you? 
 Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, and although, truth be told, I don’t celebrate it today (Serbian Christmas is on the 7th of Jan, also my bday coincidentally!) I’m feeling very overwhelmed with Christmas spirit, even without the snow I’m so used to. Just like in a snow storm, everything in London has stopped as people celebrate the holiday and the streets seem empty. It’s not a bad empty though, because you can almost feel the warmth and love emanating from people’s homes, as kids open their gifts, us older kids open the wine and the even older kids start preparing our Christmas meals. It’s the only time I believe it is truly allowed to completely and utterly succumb to the Christmas spirits of Kitsch and Cliché.

 Christmas is at the epicenter of the comfort zone, it’s ingrained in our tradition and expected every December. And just like a good Christmas jumper, it makes you all fuzzy and warm. So take an instagram next to that Christmas tree and may the Three Wise Men (Marc, Tom and Karl) bring you much joy this year!
  P.S: To address the elephant in the room I’ll be posting way more for you guys in the coming weeks and sorry for the month long break! Look out for a post on the 1st!

 Jumper by H&M
Jeans by Topman
Ring from Indian temple
Sunglasses from Camden Market
Necklace from ebay
Shoes by Dr. Martens