An Introduction.

My name is Alex Gilbert. I am the last person you’d ever expect to see in the front row at fashion week.

 I’m not the spouse of a ridiculously wealthy Russian oil magnate, or an ex-model who looks way too perfect in all his instagram posts. I’m not even the BFF of Anna Dello Russo or Grace Coddington. I’m a 21 year old “just marketing” graduate who works in pharmaceutical recruitment. 

  I was born in Zimbabwe, raised in Serbia, and moved to London just three years ago to do my degree. I have no fairytale back story explaining why I love fashion. I never watched with awe as my mother picked out which Chanel suit she was going to wear, and my Dad’s idea of a dinner outfit is comfortable shorts, a t-shirt that fits right and shoes you can walk in. But somehow, I just really fucking love fashion. I love watching live streams of Paris fashion week, following blogs of impossibly cool people, and buying way too many editions of Vogue. Unfortunately, it all just seems so unattainable. Sure, watching models saunter down the Met Gala red carpet in Elie Saab is exhilarating, but I’m not one of those people. I’m just a relatively insane person who lives in zone 2 London and happens to love all this stuff. So, I’m starting this blog is for you, someone like me, who wants to be sitting next to BryanBoy at Prada, but is actually lying in bed eating Tesco brownies watching Netflix. 

We are the last people you’d expect to see in the front row at fashion week, we are the front row underdogs. 
Enjoy my first outfit post. 

photography by Kim Martyn
P.S: I'm not usually this serious but it was about to rain and I was worried, bye x



  1. Savršeno. Samo ovako nastavi. PS. Želim tu majcu. <3

  2. We think you are way better than Brianboy, better looking and much more fun - he takes himself rather seriously.
    So your blog is a success. We think you should include your Bucket Challenge Video (hilarious, I particularly liked the "open it" bit.
    Nutella should give you a commission because what you did is a kind of commercial for them, tell them your Nona said so!
    So Alex, keep the blogs on. Love Nona and Grandad. Christine

    1. Aw you guys <3 you're going to make me blush

  3. love this, endlessly ♡ ♡
    Looking forward to your blog!

    Allison xx