So kids, what did we learn this season from fashion month? Excluding the fact that KimYe taught us that you can match cleavage, there were a lot of lessons in fashion given at the shows. New York gave us the edgy, London gave us the classic, Milan gave us the fun, and Paris (review to come on Tuesday) gave us the chic. The secret in “dressing well” lies somewhere in between the four. 

 Trend wise, there were a couple that stood out. Normcore is obviously here to stay and it’s out with the gold and gaudy and in with the silver and minimalist. I don’t know how the Russians and ADR are going to deal with it, but I for one am happy we’re slowly steering towards the effortless chic of times past. However, just because we’ll be dressing in the classic doesn’t mean we won’t be looking to the future. It’s clearly (get it) about the different materials, be it plastic accessories at Hood by Air or 3d printed dresses at Pringle.

Although fashion is catering to the young nowadays (more about that later), there was a distinct lack of color from the spring shows. Although florals for spring has always been groundbreaking, it’s all about the monochrome now. Where there was color, it was subdued, jewel tones (Erdem, Delpozo etc), something we’re usually used to seeing for winter. Not that I’m complaining, 2/3 of my wardrobe is black. Sneakers continued to dominate the runway, and everybody from Kate Moss to Manrepeller has completely ditched the heel in favor of a pair of Nikes or New Balances. 

Designers are starting to take the shows a little less seriously now. Barbie at Moschino was the flashiest sign that the industry is starting to break the boundaries of what should be sold by a brand. As I’ve said before (in relation to Fendi) it’s about the 20-year old now, not the older, affluent, professional, and the 20-year old wants to be young, and bubbly, and crazy. And that is the way it should be, because at the end of the day (hold your purse ladies), it’s just clothing! Have fun with it! Experiment! Do something weird! Put a Barbie in your bag and walk around central London like it’s nothin’ special! End every sentence with an exclamation point! We spend a lot of money on clothing, you might as well get some fun out of it. 

 Shirt by uniqlo
Jeans by Topman
Sneakers by New Balance
Clear backpack by American Apparel
Jewelry by Topman
Barbie by Mattel

photography by Viktoria Gzibovska

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