I was an Angel

In the land of Gods and Monsters this was a pop culture reference, and what better time to reference Jessica Lange’s rendition of the Del Rey song than in a post about Halloween? Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, partly due to the fashion element, and partly due to the fact that I never really celebrated it until I moved to London. In Africa the houses were too far apart for me to go trick or treating as a kid, and in Serbia nobody really cares about Halloween in general. So imagine my surprise when I moved to London and come 31st of October had absolutely everybody I know inundate my newsfeed with pictures of them in elaborate, thought through costume. I’ve made more of an effort every year since.

Overall, Halloween is the most fashionable of the holidays. The art of dressing yourself in order to represent something you want to be (if only for a night), is something I’ve referenced countless times on here, and what I believe lies at the core of style. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Game of Thrones character or Anna Wintour (hi BryanBoy), it’s a free pass to be whoever or whatever you want to be for a night. Isn’t that a more intense version of what we do every morning? It doesn’t matter whether you wear a power suit or a slip dress; you’re emulating who you want to be. On Halloween, we just get a bit more fantastical with it.

Fantasy in general is one of my biggest interests, as you may have noticed from the blog post a few weeks ago on Magic. So on Halloween, I get to live in my own Nightmare of a Fairytale, watching the ghouls and ghosts saunter through the streets and clubs. It’s a strange image for those not accustomed to it, and I’ve always enjoyed the slightly strange. In fact, everybody seems to now enjoy the slightly strange and fantastical; American Horror Story being one of the most watched shows on TV is perfect evidence. I think that in the many real life horrors the world is going through at the moment, people are looking to escape by being a part of imagined horror, because it’s easier to bear.

But, let’s not get too dark, after all my costume was not particularly scary at all! I basically wore what you can see in the pictures, with some added makeup, and went as a fallen angel (very inspired by the Undercover runway show at PFW). I wanted to go as something dark but put a modern twist on it, hence the Leather and Astrakhan fur biker jacket (my favorite piece of clothing, and one I designed myself by the way). There was just something enchanting about going as something evil that wasn’t always as such on the night of frights. Although I haven’t fallen from grace thus far, it was good to be bad for a night. Hope you all had a trick and a treat and I’ll see you here next weekend. 

Photography by Kim Martyn

Fur Biker Jacket by yours truly Front Row Underdog
Mesh top from Topman
Skinny Jeans from River Island
Shoes from Dr Martens
Wings from Ebay

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