FRU3 : Una Kaludjerovic

  Hello all, welcome to another edition of FRU profiles! This month I’ve decided to feature another one of my Serbian friends, Una Kaludjerovic. Una is a PR Student from Belgrade with an innate sense for all things cool and on-trend. Her personality sits somewhere between that of a BuzzFeed employee and a Style.com editor, combining humor and wit with a knowledge of fashion that exceeds the boundaries of a mere interest and becomes almost obsessive. First and foremost, she’s a city kid with New Yorker-like mannerisms and Parisian flair, but you can tell Belgrade is her hometown from her instinctual knowledge of the location of the nearest wi-fi blessed café.  

  Una’s style is most likened to that of famous Man Repeller - Leandra Medine, often combining the unusual and quirky together with the classic and pretty to create truly unique sartorial choices that definitely prove she’s a stand out.  She’s very versatile in her choice of outfit, switching between fashion cliques almost as quickly as she can memorize the pages of the latest Harper’s Bazaar.  Don’t let that fool you though; there is always a touch of Una in everything she wears, whether it be a name-stamped necklace or a crème-colored beanie. With dreams of becoming a fashion editor in NYC and the shoes to back it, Una is a true Front Row Underdog. 

  If anything, her thoughts on what being a Front Row Underdog is show it fully. She says “For me, being a Front Row Underdog is a lot more than an attitude towards fashion - it's a way of carrying yourself. It's a complete awareness of your own taste, style and individuality. Front Row Underdogs are witty and sprinkled with a bit of sass, but still earnestly enthusiastic about the things they love. They've learnt a lot standing on the sidelines of fashion and once their time comes, rules will be broken in the best way possible.” This is exactly what I wanted from this blog – people being able to recognize areas of it that coincide with their own thoughts and personalities and realizing that just because you’re not there yet doesn’t mean you won’t be. Everybody successful in fashion was a Front Row Underdog at the start, whether it be Grace Coddington or Rumi Neely - it’s the perseverance and love of style that got them where they are. So, if perseverance and stylistic obsession is anything to go by, we’ll be seeing Una at the helms of Vogue before you can say “Taxi!”. 

You can follow and find out more about Una at instagram.com/unasaurus

Una is wearing:

Coat from Zara
Blouse by MaxMara
Culottes from Zara
Shoes from Zara
Una necklace is Model's own
Choker from Topshop
Sunglasses from Camden Market

Photography by Front Row Underdog


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