Trends for Spring 2015

  Before I go into my spiel on trends, a big (huge!) thank you goes to my amazing collaborator, illustrator Alex Acid, who self-handedly edited these pics and drew me in Givenchy, Bobby Abley and Topman Design! His work is absolutely amazing and you should check it out here.
  The whole cyclical renewal of clothes one should and should not wear seems a bit off-putting, and honestly the best dressed people in the industry are those that have their own unique style that stays more or less the same, unwavering in the face of change in retail tastes. However, it is undeniable that the runways can have a pretty big influence into what’s cool and what’s not, so I’ve decided to compile a list of my three favorite trends from the men’s Spring 2015 runway, and how I think they’re best worn. 

  All black and white was probably the stand out trend of the season, with, objectively looking, around 70% of all clothing shown this season being Monochrome. Monochrome is a great trend because it’s super easy to pull off and can be worn in 1000 different ways. Whether it’s decidedly goth and dark like at Givenchy, or minimalist-inclined like at Philip Lim, the contrast of monochrome compliments any skin tone or body shape and always stands out. Monochrome is also amazing because of its versatility; it transcends social settings and becomes wearable in any situation. Monochrome works really well when it’s worn in coordination with something sporty, like at Wang or KTZ, but also on a more classic silhouette like Tom Ford. Pro-tips include buying a pair of Adidas superstars before they sell out and finally investing the time in finding the perfect pair of black jeans (you can never have too many pairs of black jeans). 

  Another super-easy trend to pull off is the re-emergence of the graphic sweatshirt. The reason I love graphic sweatshirts is because they’re the easiest way to show off a small part of your personality, whether it’s an overblown picture of your favorite Disney character (Bobby Abley) or just a quote from your an influential figure you identify with. The best of these are nowadays oversize or of a longer length (knee length if you’re brave) and are most complimented by a cool backpack for a fully street-style worthy look. If you like your simplicity, go for something geometric with a simple trouser, like we’ve seen at Christopher Kane, or if you want to go full Russian stylista something eye-catching like Moschino might take your fancy. If you want to be particularly on-trend, take a note from the ladies and buy something in Neoprene, the quintessential fabric of the moment.

  Finally, one of my favorite trends is the use of bold and inspired print. Miranda Priestley references aside, florals had a huge moment on the runway, especially at the 70’s inspired shows like Topman. Print adds loads of depth to an outfit, both on its own and paired with another print, and really helps in standing out from a crowd. If you’re more of a classical dresser, wearing a full print suit is always an amazing look (and a pretty easy way to be the standout dresser at any occasion). Particularly stunning were the full prints at Etro, with bold and colorful full print looks instantly becoming the envy of any fashion-savvy person. Even the most acidic, like those at Dsquared, can look particularly good in the hotter days of the season, paired with a good tan and some coconut-scented suntan lotion. If you’re feeling especially bold, mix and match all-printed tops and bottoms. 

However, anything can go and is cool as long as you wear it with confidence! If you really like what you're wearing and think it's in, so will everyone else - They biggest trend in fashion will always be starting your own!

- Till the next post, Alex

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