The Final Frontier

  The past three decades have seen more technological advancement than any era before. The pace has quickened so much that today’s breakthrough gadgets become the junk of tomorrow. Take a look at the difference just in mobile technology; 15 years ago we were impressed to have color, nowadays we’re nonplussed by a phone with a fingerprint scanner. Much like fashion, technology constantly evolves and progresses, building on consumer-feedback and developing into new and exciting spaces. We’re breaking into unchartered territory on a daily basis, both figuratively and literally, with Tech-Giants like Elon Musk even looking into terraforming to build us a new habitat on Mars. 

  Fashion’s interest in the space age began in the 60’s. As the “race to space” began designers made clothing for what they assumed would be our future lifestyle. Enthralled by the endless possibilities they saw before them, Courreges and Cardin churned out white utilitarian clothing paired with bug-eyed sunglasses and plastic knee-high boots, pushing personal style into the sartorial stratosphere. Nowadays, we’ve come back down to earth, but the influence of technology is still there. Where in the 60s it was white plastic and flat boots now its metallic neoprene and platform sneakers. We’re still as amazed by what the cosmos and future hold, we just don’t show it as much. 

  Another way technology is influencing fashion is in the construction itself. The word of the day is now laser cut rather than handcrafted, and machines are mass-producing bags that emulate what was once seen as luxury. 3D-printing is making waves in the accessory department, with customizable jewelry becoming freely available online, and we may even be making it in our own homes a few years from now. Wearable technology that scans our biometrics or allows easier access to the internet is also a reality; and by looking at the Apple Watch, the “chic” factor that’s held it back so far may finally be coming into play. Who knows, in 2020 the newest trend-setting piece could be an Alexander Wang health-monitoring dermal implant. We are addicted to technology, as much as we joke about it. To give a basic example: smoking an e-cig means you are literally addicted to technology. It is however a double-edged blade, and as we come closer to integrating with technology completely we also become non-functional without it. The actual final frontier isn’t space, its humanity. 

Sweater from Topman
Jeans from Topman
Backpack from New Look
Shoes from Asos
Sunglasses from Camden Market

Dedicated to Leonard Nimoy R.I.P