Alex in Wonderland

  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was my favorite book as a kid. The notion you could fall down a hole in the garden and enter a completely new fantastical universe fascinated me. I don’t know if it was the colorful characters or the curious situations, but something really resonated with me in that book. I think the constant changes Alice undergoes throughout her journey, both in size as well as mindset, were something that has mirrored my own life in a way.

  Even fashion-wise, I’ve always been drawn to items that are slightly peculiar, and I think the most amazing designers are those who push the envelope in Ready-to-Wear, such as McQueen or Mugler. Although I probably wouldn’t wear runway McQueen in broad daylight, I try to incorporate something curious every day in my wardrobe. For instance, even though they’ve been a trend for a while now, leather shorts make absolutely no sense. Taking a winter fabric, that doesn’t breathe well, and making a summer silhouette out of it? Nonsense. However, the high street world has become enamored with “different” fabrics, and everything is now either leather or neoprene.  

  I decided to take these pictures in the English Garden at Battersea Park. Rarely busy, this secluded area has a Secret Garden aura to it, and makes you feel like you’re the first person to go in since the 1800’s.  It also reminds me of the Queen’s Garden in Alice in Wonderland gone wrong, with unkempt white and red wild flowers sprouting out of the cracked pathways everywhere. And although I know there aren’t going to be any talking cards walking around or disappearing cats, a boy can put on some headgear and dream right?

Top: American Apparel
Shorts: American Apparel
Shoes: New Balance
Sunglasses: Camden Market
Mickey Ears: Ebay

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