I know this post isn’t strictly about fashion, but today is my Grandmother’s birthday, and she is without a doubt, the strongest, most interesting and amazing woman I have, or ever will know.

She is someone who has been through absolutely everything in life and has always persevered and come out on top. She is the woman who made me what I am today, the person I should thank for all the values I have and all the accomplishments I’ve made. At over 70, she runs her own construction company, and goes to work every single day. She works so hard that I have to force her to take time off! She has always been my strongest support system, my biggest fan, and my closest ally. She has taken me by the hand and walked me down the path of childhood, not once letting me stray off course. Even now, she reads my blog every week, and calls me to tell me all her comments. The only tattoo I have is of her signature, because I used to see it all the time at her office, and I like to think it’s like an artist signing their work. Even when I was small I could never call her just “Grandma”, because she means so much more to me than just that. She is my Mother and my Father; My Grenica (pronounced Gran-itza, a combination of Granny and the Serbian word of the same meaning, Bakica). Wherever I go, I know she is always right next to me, no matter how far away we live from each other, and the same applies vice-versa. She will forever be the person I aspire to be, and she will forever be in my heart. I know you’re reading this, and I love you. 

Happy Birthday.



  1. This is a superb birthday present for Anjelka. She must also be so proud of you and your achievements so far.
    We wish her a very Happy Birthday. Nona & Grandad

  2. Happy Birthday to your Grenica. This was such a beautifully written and moving post, it made me quite emotional to read it, so lovingly worded. I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo


    1. Thank you <3 I've followed you back on Bloglovin, love your blog!