Fashion season has officially begun. New York Fashion Week has begun the presentation of everything that will be cool for Spring/Summer 2015. And it's been written clearly in black & white, we'll be wearing a lot of monochrome next season. Instead of showing you a comprehensive list of all the shows, and all the looks (which you can find on style.com) I'll be focusing on what I believe have been the stand outs of the week. 
First, let's begin with everybody's favorite show in NY. Delpozo set the blogosphere ablaze and had Manrepeller reaching for her credit card. Who could blame her? Josep Font, the line's designer, sent breathtakingly structural pieces down the runway, with white, black and navy being punctuated by strong punches of jeweled tones, the line had an aesthetic about it that would be the envy of a Mondrian painting. Crisp tailoring was refreshed with almost couture-like proportions. This is what the most photographed people next year will be wearing.  
Wang has returned to his roots. Sexy, edgy street wear has always been where Wang excelled, and he definitely pulled out all the stops this year. The line was inspired by sneaker's, and although it could have taken a turn for the cliche, the clothes will definitely have people running to there nearest store next year. Straight lines and pops of blood red and electric blue took the runway into the future, and mixed the Tisci with the Tron. 
Vera Wang is a legend in the bridal scene. So, naturally, her show would be mostly black with a strong focus on menswear inspired pieces. Wait, what? That doesn't make sense. However, Vera's bridal background showed in the small ruffling and fur details adding a feminine flare to the tailored menswear.  In any case, the line was cohesive, modern and sexy.
Wainwright and Neville, earned their spot in Marc's slot (not like that, ya nasty). A relatively subdued collection with a focus on natural fibres and a utilitarian edge may sound boring to some, but it follows the fashion world's slow gravitation away from the opulent in your face clothing we've been seeing a lot of in the past few years, and more towards a subdued, classic look. Basically, less Dello Ruso and more Roitfield.  Standouts included monochrome mules and minimalist jewelry, both of which will be out of stock almost as soon as they hit the shelves. 
Last, but not least, there's the Margiela show. Excuse my language, but yas bitches mother-fucking work slay the lives out of everything. The platform shoes were the wet dream of any minimalist, while the tailoring was crisp yet easy. I'm a huge fanboy of contrasting inspirations, and adored their Resort collection, so the continued meeting of Americana and the Middle East for Spring is right down my alley. Silk kimonos paired with light denim belts stole the show, and the fringed black coat will be in my thoughts for months to come. 

All in all, a great fashion week. Black and white minimalism everywhere means a happy Underdog. Next weekend, the recap from London.

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