Coachella Culture

  There’s one thing that most people don’t know about me: I grew up on rave and house. My Dad having once been a DJ, and my Mom having been a party animal, both listened to electronic music in the late 80’s and early 90’s, when it was just beginning to take off. In fact, dance and electronic music was so popular at the clubs back then that people never said they were going to a party or a club, they said they were going to a rave. So, I thought, what better time to talk about “EDM” than after taking these pictures before going to a Steve Aoki concert at Brixton Acedmy? EDM seems to be the new term we’ve invented for this genre of music, but guess what: all Dance music is electronic. Saying Electronic Dance Music is like saying Guitar Rock.

  Electronic music in general is a very European genre. While America was rocking out to Kid Rock, Europe was discovering Ministry of Sound. Only in recent times, and with the approach of festival culture has Electronic music really taken off in the US. Festivals, like Coachella, have now spurned their own culture and become a part of young life. Festivals and electronic music in general are both all about being happy and carefree, and seem to have come about as a sort of antecedent to the economic depression etc. In turn this festival obsession has created a new dress code, mastered by Kate Moss in wellies and Kylie Jenner in bindis, which in turn has poured out into street fashion. 

  Todays’ festival culture isn’t the only example of music influencing fashion and vice-versa. No Burberry show would be complete without Bailey’s latest Soundcloud discovery, just as no David Bowie throwback would be complete without a glittery leotard. Fashion shaped the icons of the 80’s much in the way the icons of today shape fashion. Would leather trousers really be a thing without Kanye? Would Kanye even be a thing if he hadn’t worn a Louis vuitton backpack back in the day? Music, Fashion and Celebrity Culture have become so tightly intertwined that it’s hard to see where one starts and the other ends. In any case, just like a good festival, as long as you’re having fun, it doesn’t really matter. Till Wednesday, peace out <3. 

Jacket by Alpha Industries
T-Shirt from Zara
Sunglasses, Bindi and Contacts from Camden Market
Socks from Topman
Custom All Stars from Converse

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