Star Power

  Kim Kardashian. With the mention of that one name your interest in this post has probably gone from a solid 6 to a 10. Why? Do you know Kim? No. At least not personally, although you probably know some very intimate details about her life, whether you want to or not. Whereas we once focused on the work of celebrities, today their own lives have become a form of entertainment, like a never-ending movie. Instagram filter obsessed and makeup contoured, we mimic the lives of these celebrities, but do we really aspire to be them? Or do we aspire to be as adored as them? Do we all wish we could have our every outfit doted on, our every appearance documented and our every word discussed? Judging by the fact that there are over 235,000,000 #selfies on instagram, we just may. 

  Like the it-girls and it-boys of the moment, items of clothing have their fleeting moments of celebrity. In fact, it-clothing and it-people have risen at more or less the same rate. As we become more obsessed with the coolest kid on the block, we also become obsessed with having the coolest kicks on the block. Recent examples include everything Kenzo has put out since the tiger sweater, the return of the sneaker (in varying brand waves) and even the Birkin or C√©line bag.  But these two have become almost synonomous – major celebrities wear major brands. In the fashion world, it’s even more evident, the major style stars will, without doubt, wear the standout pieces of each season. The main question being whether the bag makes the person or the person makes the bag? It seems to be that, in many cases, neither can exist without the other. 

  Warhol prophetically said that in the future, everybody would be world-famous for 15 minutes. What most think he meant by that is that one day the social hierarchy of people deemed relevant will be abolished – meaning anyone, regardless of talent, wealth or appearance can and/or will be famous. But such a thing can’t exist without everybody being fame-hungry, and as we begin to value each other on the basis of instagram likes, youtube views and website hits we become just that. We’re slowly creating a world where everybody, and nobody, is a celebrity. Because, realistically, what prevents any one of us from becoming the next starlet than a stroke of luck, a transparent lifestyle, and a few million more followers? Nothing. 

Sunglasses from Ebay
Sweater from Topman
Jeans from Topman
Clutch from Camden Market
Shoes are Adidas Superstar
Wallet from Gucci
Keys from Casa de L'Aleque

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