FRU2 : Vuk Vukovic

  In the last FRU Profile you met Little Red Riding Hood, now it’s time to meet the Big Bad Wolf. That’s not just a clever turn of phrase, the literal translation of our subjects name (Vuk, pronounced Vook) from Serbian is Wolf. Although he may be a wolf by nature, Vuk has the perseverance and uniqueness of a true Underdog. 

  In the grand scheme of things, I haven’t known Vuk for long, but we’ve become very close friends very quickly. He’s one of those people you truly expect to be a forever friend. He has a Masters degree in IT, and a doctorate in being an IT boy, but his future, as he sees it, lies in fashion journalism.  We’re very different in many aspects, but what we do have in common is an outspoken personality and a love of fashion. A true Montenegrin, Vuk is charismatic and confident, which means he can basically carry off any look he likes.  

  Vuk’s style, in his words, is a mix, match and work in progress. However, what he sees as a work in progress is nothing more than the simple style changes we all constantly undergo as we grow up. Truly, he has a defined palate and sense of style, the changes are just seasonal. However, and perhaps due to my own influence, Vuk has recently joined the dark side (literally), and nowadays most of his wardrobe is filled with dark and muted colours. His fashion influences are Scott Disick, Kanye West and Joannes Huebl, meaning he stands somewhere between being a gentleman and being A$AP Rocky (no offense A$AP)

  Vuk’s style helps him stand out in the pack, another reason he can be considered an underdog. Living in Eastern Europe isn’t easy when you have the style sense of Scott Disick and the sass to match, but Vuk has persevered and proven himself as a survivor. I’m especially happy to be a part of his life during this period, as I get to see him going from ripped jeans to wearing the trousers in his life. He may be an Underdog at the moment, but he’s an Alpha at heart. 

Sunglasses by Ray Ban
Sweatshirt from Pull & Bear
Leather Trousers from Zara
Shoes from Camden Market
Watch by Emporio Armani

You can follow and find out more about him at: instagram.com/TheBigBadVuk

photography by Moi

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