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  I’m a firm believer in new beginnings and altering your state of mind. We only have one lifetime to live, so why not change and mould yourself in as many different ways as possible during that time? 2014 was a huge year of change for me, I graduated from university, started working in an industry I knew nothing about (pharmaceuticals) and permanently moved to the UK. Yes, I’d been living here for 3 years but never without at least 5 months a year back home in Serbia. My psyche became a Petri dish in which I cultured myself with new dreams, wishes and thoughts.

  This is also the year I started this blog, which consistently pushes me to be on point with my style game while challenging me creatively and (let’s be honest) serving as the perfect place to vent all my philosophical thoughts on not only fashion but life as well. I couldn’t have asked for more positive reception, seeing as I was expecting only my grandparents to read it. In such a short space of time I already get a couple hundred hits a day and the feedback has been stellar. Most importantly though, the blog is helping me hone my style, and find exactly who I am and where I want to be in the future. 

  2014 was also the year we reached a crossroads in fashion. Normcore and Pop-fashion have battled it out throughout the year, but now it’s all said and done, it looks like we’ll be toning it down in 2015. Looking at bloggers like Pelayo or even BryanBoy, the crazy antics just aren’t there anymore. It’s all about good pieces paired together with smart details rather than over-the-top outfits stripped off an 80’s couture runway. We’ve become oversaturated with the look-at-me antics of street fashionistas and those in the know are rebelling in protest. 

  Men’s fashion also looks like it’s at the brink of being at a very exciting place. As gender boundaries are finally being broken (the amazing and long awaited trans-acceptance and feminist movements are to thank here) men’s fashion is becoming more comfortable in sending androgynous and moreover risqué pieces down the runway. We’re recognizing that a camel coat is a camel coat, no matter whether the label reads Topshop or Topman. It’s allowing all of us to experiment with our style in ways you couldn’t imagine 5 years ago. I mean, we’re not in platform high-heel stiletto boot alley, but we’re definitely walking down Céline Tote Street. If you ask me, it’s the update Men’s needed, as too long have we been confined by boundaries we set up for ourselves. 

For me, style-wise, I want to push myself to think my outfits through more in the future. I want to shop less but wear more, and invest in interesting pieces that minimize clutter and maximize impact. However, I won’t be devoting myself to normcore anytime soon, but stay firmly planted at the crossroad aforementioned previously. I want to be exactly in between pop-fashion and normcore (NormPop? Is that a Gaga album?) and hopefully y’all will be the people to keep me on track. To an amazing 2015.

 Love, Alex. 

Shoes by Asos
Tracksuit by Converse
Sweatshirt by Asos
Ring by Asos
Sunglasses by Topman


  1. I do like that long grey "jumper" with the grey trousers and white tackies. I also like the setting where the photos were taken, it goes well together. Well written as usual. Love Nona and Grandad

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