FRU1 : Jovana Popovic

  My Grandmother has decided that my blog is WAY too self-centred, and to be honest, I agree. I started this blog for people who aren’t in the front row (yet anyway) but all I seem to be talking about is myself. So, to counteract this, I’ll be putting out the profiles of people I believe to be Front Row Underdogs now and then. If you believe you should be featured, feel free to send me an e-mail to FrontRowUnderdogs@gmail.com and we’ll discuss!

  The first person I’ve decided to feature in these “FRU Profiles” is one of the people I hold closest to my heart, Jovana (J read as a Y) Popovic. I’ve known Jovana since we were around 12, and to this day we’re still as close as can be. Although Jovana is currently studying psychology in Vienna, while I’m in London, not a day passes that we don’t get in touch for whatever reason. She is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree and plans to complete her masters in London. After that, she says, she wants to become a business advisor, tying her love for psychology with her business driven mind.

  Jovana is a worshipper at the Dello Russo shrine. A huge advocate of excess, Jovana is never afraid to go above and beyond while dressing herself. The only reason it works? Jovana could draw your eye to her in a potato sack, which she owes to her undeniable charisma and presence. She has an obvious femininity to her style, and doesn’t own a single pair of trousers. This feminine approach is offset with her edginess in choice of outerwear, shoes and accessories – if there’s one thing she’s good at, it’s at taking the unbearably couture and making it wearable.  

  Now you may be asking – what makes Jovana a Front Row Underdog? It’s simple; she has no obvious ties to fashion whatsoever. Jovana would be perfectly content living in her own world with no knowledge of fashion whatsoever. Instead, she’s perfectly up-to-date with the latest shows and inner workings of the industry; all while constantly window shopping all the websites imaginable to find her next avant-garde acquisition.  I’ve seen her grow and evolve both style and life wise, and I’m telling you, she may not be in the front row, but the way she dresses could rival any Russian street style star.  

Jovana is wearing:
Coat by Dondup
Dress by Stella McCartney
Bag by Chanel
Shoes from NastyGal
Watch by Chopard

You can follow and find out more about her at: instagram.com/gospodjica_popovic_mitrovic

Photography by Moi

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